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Christina's class was wonderful! So informative and educational. She was patient and explained everything exactly the way I needed to learn. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for photography lessons to Christina. -Cherie

I've never used a DLSR prior to the two hour course with Christina. She made everything very easy to understand and now I feel like I have a much better understanding of how to manipulate my camera in order to get the most out of it.  -Dan

"After owning my camera for almost 2 years and afraid to use anything other than the automatic mode, I decided to sign up for Christina’s 1 on 1 photography class.  Christina taught me an in-depth lesson on how to use the different modes on my camera.  Her expertise, patience and love of photography inspired me to get out automatic mode and practice using different modes and functions.  I feel that I have grasped the basics of photography and I’m now able to capture beautiful moments of my friends and family.  I believe her approach to teaching allowed me to learn at my own speed and gave me the opportunity to ask lots of questions and seek feedback.  Her costs are low and the rewards are high.  I feel like I learnt more from her 2 hours of teaching than I would have at a registered course.   I highly recommend her class to anyone who is new to photography or anyone who wants to further their knowledge!  She’s amazing!" ~ Heather M.

Thinking of buying a new camera or have already done so, but stuck on the Green Square of death, also known as automatic mode. Unleashed your creative potential!

As a full service professional photographer, let me be your facilitator in helping you to discover the art of photography. 

There is no minimum hourly commitment.  Go at your pace, with the goal in mind, that together we will create a beautiful piece of photography that you created and will be proud of.  Perhaps, its a canvas, calendar, or a canvas bag with your photo on it!  

Lesson material, and hands on practise.  

1 Person: $30/hr

2 People: $25/hr per person

3 People: $20/hr per person

An extra camera can be available, if you are sharing a camera amongst each other.  Small group, to give you lots of person attention. 

Beginner lesson starts with exposure, it usually takes a 2 hr window, and each class can be based on your need. 

My own background of classes are of the following:

Basic, Intermediate, photoshop, night/low light, action, studio portrait lighting, wedding photography, close up nature, making money with your camera, and sports photography.   I took a 2 year span, to learn hands on, and earned a SAIT photography certificate, that was completed in 2011.

I also have taken a food photography course, a master 2 day hands on wedding class with Cliff Mautner  Lighting class by Clay Blackmore, Winter Light, by Meg Bitton.  

And countless hours, of other courses, that I have taken, at WPPI. (wedding portrait photography international), attend 3 years, and also other classes that I have taken elsewhere and study from (too many to list!)