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Personal Brand

When I first started photography, I focused a lot on product photography, as I had my own jewelry business, and needed my own product shots.
This grew into helping others in their need of children product shots for online stores, and helping others in their own personal brands.  

I also am a stock photographer, and I have a portifolio with Alamy, Canstock, and Shutterstock.   

I understand, the importance of making "You" stand out, and being different than what the stock agency has to offer.

I enjoy working with business owners, and helping you envision your brand.   Personal branding shows your relationship with your business.  Through professional photography, it showcases through your images what it feels like to work with you!  It  builds your brand's trust, making it unique, especially now with the influence of social media.  

Personal Brand Photography takes place in your surroundings, and there is also access for me to use my home studio if you need specific product shots done. 

Personal Brand Photography has a variety of digital packages to choose from.  Each digital package includes full usage licensing for you to use your images commerically.  I can also include specific product shots, such as santa, with your products, for marketing purposes. 

Hair, Makeup, and a Stylist can also be included.  

Let's get in touch, so we can discuss your vision! Christina