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About Me

Christina Parker

On school days, you can find me surrounded by small children, that call me, by a varation of my childhood name, "Miss Chrissy".   I have a camera in my hand, as I teach and take daily photographs at my own preschool, called "Playtography".   

I am always up for an adventure, especially if it involves driving across America, or on a roller coaster at DisneyWorld.  I love the warm spring wind, rainy days, and puddles to jump in unexpectedly, especially if holding a child's hand!

I love serving the world by fundraising through photography that will especially benefit children and families. 

I enjoy the indulgence of a hot bath, just for the chance to warm up and read a good book...I always have a book on the go, as I usually end up falling asleep in the tub. 

I am a wife to my super supportive and marathoner husband Mike, and a mom to our four children, and one daughter in love.  

My photography style is playful, with natural expressions and connections.   I also have candy for incentives, if allowed, of course!! 



ROAD TRIP  from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to         New Jersey, USA  and back.    5 weeks!                                                (3  Provinces & 19 States)